Benefits of Insillion


Product Creation

6x faster


4x faster


4x faster


External Mashups

EG: Price based on nearest Police Station

Realtime Augmentation

Realtime Claims mix up with underwriting


Seamlessly coexist with existing Digital assets

Ecosystem Ready


Tiny rate-lets for quick pricing, needed for very high volume low ticket cerrtificates

Product API

Instant REST API for full journey of Quote-to-Policy


Insurance-As-A-Service model, via Geo-Private cloud. Secure & complies to Regulatory norms

Future Ready

Few Hours

Few Miles

Few items

I have not failed.
I have just found 10,000 ways
that do not work
- Thomas Edison

Reflecting Thomas Edison's statement on Product Innovation, Insurers/Reinsurers need to produce 100+ trials before the right Product-Channel mix emerges. This is the gap insurtechs are filling and the successful ones get absorbed in the ecosystem.
If one looks at the obstacles for Product Innovation by Carriers: it always boils down to "Return on Investment".

Imagine an Actuary/Pricing/UW team conceptualizes a product and their understanding is instantly copied to the minds of Sales teams – then a Carrier can experiment sillion times!

Mimicking this in real world – Carriers model the Product understanding into digital systems either via - (1) Software Development cycle or its faster cousin - (2) Product-Configurator Tool.

Unfortunately, both approaches only have marginal (~20%) impact on the ROI-burn problem. Dig deeper and we find the largest factor for this ROI-burn to be bridging the human understanding gap, i.e. the classic Chineese whisper issue.

This is where INSILLION helps !

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