Commercial Lines predominantly cover risks which are individually assessed and underwritten. Presently these cases are handled mostly through Emails and Calls, where the outcome is a manually generated Quotation PDF. This process is inefficient to know the real-time status and does not create an audit trail.

To address this, Insillion QMS provides digital Quotation and Workflow management software to enable collaboration between Underwriting, Sales, Operations, and Intermediaries.

  • USP
    • Easy to configure, readily available robust modules encompassing the entire quotation management journey.
    • Flexibility to configure referral logic and assignment rules based on underwriting hierarchy level.
    • A unified view for underwriters to assess risks and make quick decisions.
    • An inbuilt real-time messaging between Sales and Underwriters which facilitates faster turnaround.
    • API for direct integration with Aggregators and Digital Partners.

Modern Digital Portal

Insillion QMS is an Online interface connecting Sales, Underwriting, Operations and Intermediaries to manage the end-to-end RFQ process. Underwriters can assess and approve requests on their Mobile devices.

Context based Chat within each Proposal that allows seamless collaboration between Sales and Underwriting.

Admin Console

A powerful admin console for product set up, defining referral rules with limits, mapping UW license levels and detailed status tracking mechanism for each Quote.

  • Features
    • Pre-Fill customer information from 3rd party or regulatory data sources
    • Clone Quote to facilitate faster RFQ submissions across different LOB’s
    • Referral workflow with options to Price / Approve / Reject / Query back cases to sales
    • Real time chat functionality enables faster resolution of queries between teams.
    • Pre-defined quote templates with specific product type clauses and exclusions
    • Data dump of all finalized Quotes for detailed analysis by business teams
    • Quote Status report and user wise TAT report
  • Benefits
    • Seamless Collaboration between internal and external teams for better transparency
    • Effective Tracking and Audit mechanism for higher visibility
    • Automated allocation and quick reassignments of cases for faster turnaround
    • Digital quote management avoids redundant iterations resulting in reduced operational cost
    • Increased Sales with a streamlined RFQ-to-Submission process
    • Automated validations and standardized wordings to ensure consistent underwriting practices
    • Better User Experience with Self-service portals for Agents and Brokers
    • Modern Interfaces to conduct business anywhere, anytime gives a higher Competitive Edge

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