Insillion Marine is a web-based Quoting and Policy Issuance system for a comprehensive suite of products under Marine Cargo insurance. These Software as a Service (SaaS) products enable a carrier to digitally connect their Marine Cargo ecosystem including all intermediaries and Corporates Clients via Web and Mobile interfaces.

  • Insillion SMP enables issuance of Specific Marine Policies quickly for single transits via Air, Rail, Road and Sea. Enable brokers and direct customers to purchase online.
  • Insillion MOP enables online quoting and issuance of Marine Open Policies with an inbuilt referral management process between brokers and underwriters.
  • Insillion STOP enables issuance of Sales Turnover Policies to seamlessly cover all types of transits.
  • Insillion COI is enable generation of Certificates of Insurance created under master policies via MOP or STOP.

  • USP
    • User friendly Digital portal with rich user interface compatible for mobile and tablets.
    • Configurator to setup policy parameters and intermediary wise rating.
    • Collaboration between Insurers, Intermediaries and Shippers within a single hosted application to offer significant operational efficiencies.
    • Multi-Level Underwriting Referral Management based on Type of Cargoes, Rating, Sum Insured, Coverages etc.
    • API for Direct integration with Aggregators/Brokers/Shipping Companies.
    • Multiple commodities in one voyage.
    • Viewing terms of coverage on the screen.
    • Option to request for change of terms, rate, excess.
    • Endorsement facility for financial and non-financial requirements.
    • Digital submission of Quote request directly by Intermediaries.
    • Auto Generation of Master Policies by Intermediaries for Preferred Cargo.
    • Option to request for change of Terms, Rate, Excess.
    • Migrate from Broker Slips to online Selection for Add-on Clauses.
    • Policy wise / Voyage wise sum insured.
  • INSILLION COI Interface
    • Self-service portal for Generating Certificates from assigned Master Policies.
    • Track issued certificates.
    • Track Premium, Sum insured balances.
    • Upload facility for manual declarations.
  • Features
    • User friendly web-based portal for issuing Marine Cargo policies.
    • Generate Certificates of Insurance on Mobile devices.
    • Referral workflow with options to Price / Approve / Reject / Query back cases to sales.
    • Comprehensive wordings master for Clauses, Warranties, Exclusions and Conditions.
    • Ability for including custom wordings by underwriters during referral process.
    • Self-Service option for intermediaries and corporates to apply Non-Financial Endorsements.
    • Automate Financial and Non-Financial Endorsements with or without additional premium and referral rules.
    • Ability for Intermediaries and Corporate clients to generate certificates themselves.
    • Upload facility for Declarations in open and turnover policies
  • Benefits
    • Seamless Collaboration between underwriters, brokers, policyholders, shippers, and freight forwarders for faster turnaround.
    • Configure Straight Thru cases to increase velocity of Sales.
    • Broker configurations with controlled inputs to distribute via smaller Agents and Brokers.
    • Better User Experience with Self-service portals for Agents and Brokers.
    • Modern Interfaces to conduct business anywhere, anytime gives a higher Competitive Edge.

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