The HealthCare industry has become one of the most important sectors globally. Post Covid, there has been a growing demand for health insurance at large. Few countries have made it mandatory for employers to provide Group Health cover to their employees.

To address this and cater to the Small and Medium Business Enterprises, Insillion has built a digital vertical SaaS solution for the Group Health insurance industry. It helps connect all the stakeholders through a digital ecosystem.

  • USP
    • Easy to configure, readily available modules encompassing the entire policy journey - Quote, Rating, Underwriting and Issuance.
    • Define Plans with preset boundaries for Straight Thru Sales to Small and Medium Enterprises (SME).
    • Inbuilt powerful sales tool of Multi Quote with premium comparison on the basis of various benefits and coverages.
    • Map a client’s organizational structure to create Graded Plans for diverse benefits based on their corporate needs.
    • Secure APIs for direct integration with Aggregators and Intermediaries.
    • Insurance Widgets for Embedding Group health insurance into Affinity partner websites.

Online Intermediary Portal

A web and mobile based instant Quoting system to target Small and Medium Enterprises (SME) with advanced ability of Online Policy Issuance for Straight Thru Process (STP) cases. Complex submissions sent for Referrals to a hierarchy of underwriters with close interactions via a contextual chat interface.

Underwriting Workbench

Modern workbench available to Underwriters for - creating plans with pre-set boundaries, mapping add-on covers and managing policy wordings. Comprehensive Referral Management with predefined rules for Assistive Underwriting enables junior underwriters to handle simpler cases.

  • Features
    • A web-based system with a Pre underwritten Policy (PUP) workflow defined from Quote to Policy issuance.
    • Plan level Configurations and Coverages that can be mapped to specific intermediaries.
    • Inbuilt referral conditions for specific add on covers to complete the referral journey with underwriter approval.
    • Support both headcount-based rating as well as member-list based quoting.
    • Generate Quote, Schedule of Benefits, Policy PDF, and Tax Invoice.
    • Real time chat functionality between underwriter and sales for faster resolution of queries.
    • Multi Quote facility to compare premium for various combination of benefits.
    • Employer Portal to empower Corporate HR teams for Addition and Deletion of Employees themselves thereby allowing premium adjustments with their CD account or other payment modes.
    • Self-service mobile app/portal for Employees to initiate endorsement requests, view/manage their health cards, payments.
  • Benefits
    • Seamless Collaboration between internal and external teams for faster turnaround.
    • Configure Straight Thru cases to increase velocity of Sales.
    • Broker configurations with controlled inputs to distribute via smaller Agents and Brokers.
    • Pre-defined plans for SME and MSME Clients to target untapped markets.
    • Better User Experience with Self-service portals for Intermediaries.
    • Modern Interfaces to conduct business anywhere, anytime gives a higher Competitive Edge.
    • Ready reports and dashboards providing Insurers with valuable insights into customer/prospect journeys.

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