Increased demand for insurance policies, rise in need for financial safety in case of increase in uncertainties, and surge in number of properties due to urbanization are some of the major factors that drive the growth of the global fire insurance market. This creates a need for Digital ecosystems for faster distribution and servicing.

Insillion Fire empowers carriers and intermediaries with a Cloud based Digital platform that helps in faster go to market and expand their reach. This Software as a Service (SaaS) product is most suitable for Quoting, Issuance and Servicing of Small and Medium Enterprises (SME) like retailers, restaurants, hotels.

  • USP
    • Easy to configure the entire journey from quote to policy.
    • Limited Input fields providing ease of doing transaction.
    • Flexibility to set up workflow as per the Insurer’s preference.
    • Can also be used as standalone commercial policy Issuance system with or without integration.
    • Readymade API for direct integration with Aggregators/Partners.
    • Enable granular reports and complies with Regulatory requirement.
  • Benefits
    • Seamless Collaboration between internal and external teams for better transparency.
    • Effective Tracking and Audit mechanism for higher visibility.
    • Automated allocation and quick reassignments of cases for faster turnaround.
    • Digital quote management avoids redundant iterations resulting in reduced operational cost.
    • Increased Sales due to streamlined RFQ-to-Submission process.
    • Automated validations and standardized wordings to ensure consistent underwriting practices.
    • Better User Experience with Self-service portals for Agents and Brokers.
    • Modern Interfaces to conduct business anywhere, anytime gives a higher Competitive Edge.
  • Modern Intermediary Portal
    • Insillion Fire is a comprehensive suite of Fire and Burglary insurance.
    • Cover up to 50 locations within a single policy.
    • Option to sell 100+ Add on covers per location or at policy level.
    • Unified Policy covering both Floater (stocks) and Non-Floater locations.
    • Quick Quote calculator with minimal data capture.
    • Easy excel upload for multi-location policy to save time.
    • Straight Thru Policy issuance for standard cases.
    • Instant output documents like Quote, Proposal & Policy schedule.
  • Advanced Underwriter Workbench
    • Flexibility to create layered rules sets - wider rules as baseline and narrower restrictions for a channel or intermediary.
    • Comprehensive master driven configurations manageable via Web UI.
    • Set minimum rates, discount/loading thresholds per channel or intermediary.
    • Setup Underwriting Levels and configure assignment rules.
    • Optional Mobile App for Referral Notification and Approval.
    • Chat interface with notifications for collaboration with Agents and Brokers.
    • Configure mandatory Document rules and enable pre-validation by Ops Team.

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