As a global leader of insurance technology and pioneers of mission-critical digital applications, we have earned the trust of our clients and built long-lasting relationships with companies all over the world. Our digital solutions have made insurance carriers leading players in the industry, and it has undeniably revolutionized the market.

Our innovative technology has simplified various essential tasks including collecting and entering numerous data, analyzing the risks, and pricing policies that are both profitable and fair to all parties while ensuring a safe and secure cloud-based platform. Transform into a digital insurer while keeping in line with the strategic objectives as an insurance carrier.

Most of our clients came from referrals and we have over 70% client retention ratio with everyone working towards a common goal. Our reputation is well-known in the industry for fostering inclusive growth. Our ever-growing community includes 10 Fortune 500 companies and over 350 gratified clients.


Insillion is a ready-to-use, cloud-based digital platform covering front-office and middle-office functions for insurance carrier operations. Our digital solutions are designed to integrate insurance and technology to become a modern digital insurer. With over 20+ years of experience, our technology is well-known for cornerstones such as innovation, reliability, and scalability

Streamline Operations with INSILLION

With Insillion, an insurance company can focus on growth by targeting customers directly through social media platforms and newer channels like e-commerce

Make your operations lean and agile by delegating repetitive and redundant tasks to Insillion. Retain existing cores (whether legacy or modern) and strengthen your investment with a cloud-based digital insurance platform like Insillion

We make upgrading into a digital insurer a smooth transition for insurers around the globe